14 day satisfaction guarantee

We are so confident that you will be pleased with your purchase of the SAS Learning programme that we are offering a 14 day satisfaction guarantee.

After you have signed up for SAS Learning, you have 14 days to explore the resources and download up to 5 packs.

After 14 days we charge your organisation/school for an annual SAS Learning license.

The following terms and conditions apply to our 14 day satisfaction guarantee:

  • You use the resources within your school / organisation only and don’t share your login details with other schools / organisations.
  • You can view as many packs as you wish, but you are entitled to download a maximum of 5 packs during the 14 day trial. If you download more than 5 packs your 14 day trial will expire and you will be invoiced for a SAS Learning license.
  • You must contact (email or phone) SAS Learning during the trial in order to cancel your subscription and avoid being invoiced for a SAS Learning license after 14 days.
  • You must provide a brief explanation of the reasons you wish to cancel the trial to help inform SAS Learning product and service development.